Not tonight honey, I have my Iraq study group

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Many people, from George Orwell to George Carlin, have pointed out how governments twist language to suit their purposes. The Bush administration has invented so many euphemisms for its policies and blunders over the past six years, it is, alternately wicked funny and hard to notice them anymore.

Strange though that no one seems to have commented on the latest term that’s entered the public forum.

The Iraq Study Group, comprised mainly of retirees, met every third Thursday at the big table near the water cooler in the children’s section of the public library at 9PM and was co-chaired by Mr. Baker and Mr. Hamilton…

A study group? Under a president who appears to study nothing, who is more concerned with seeming right and strong than being smart, a man who appears all his life to have been devoid of curiosity?

What a perfect appelation for a powerless barely-chartered-to-do-anything committee whose sole reason for being was to allow the President to embrace what almost everyone in the country knew was reality in Iraq — that things are grave and deteriorating.

Perhaps next the administration will form study groups to better understand other realities that our clueless leader and his advisors have denied or ignored: global warming, massive national debt, the implications of torturing enemy combatants, election fraud, and the growing threat of terrorists outside Iraq (see yesterday’s posting).

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