Impressions at Week 9

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As much as I’ve enjoyed the publicity phase, I’m OK with it ending and getting back to writing. Really. There was an initial rush, a surge of satisfaction that accompanied the publication – seeing it for the first time in a store, getting a review, being interviewed — and some funny things have happened, but I’m ready to be an introvert again.

Hearing From People I’ve Not Heard From in Years

It’s taken me a long time to learn to fly low enough under radar to be undetectable to certain people. Out of decency, I will avoid mentioning them by name. To give you an idea though, after reading my website, one of my father’s cousins told my former mother-in-law she didn’t think I portrayed my ex-wife, her daughter, very positively. A couple of guys I used to know from high school called, mainly to tell me how well they’re doing. Sheeesh.

It’s kind of funny in an awkward way to have this surge in status as a person. I’m the same shlemiel I was a year or two ago, and, sooner than they realize, this will pass and I’ll appear to them to be the same shlemiel again. It’s a little like junior high, when suddenly, for some unknown reason, I would qualify as popular, only to fade into obscurity again.

Other High Points

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