Fox Internet News Headlines & Norman Mailer

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Fox Headlines this morning:

Montana Town Buried in Tumbleweeds

Wynonna Judd Seeks Divorce After Husband Arrested

Is America Ready for a Bald President?

(Is this what’s important we wake up and hear? Can we really be this stupid?)

Norman Mailer says we are! Last night, to a packed house at the Philadelphia Free Library, he attests to it and attributes it to: you guessed it, TV! A combination of too many distractions and the content of said commercials, all pitches by corporatations peddling something mediocre. Someone from the audience asked do you see any countervaling trends? “When I despair, no.” “When I try to be hopeful, not really.”


He is 84 years old.

He has nine children.

He feels he may have two or three more novels in him.

And the work of writing a novel involves 3, 6, sometimes 12 months of research, thinking and reading collatoral materials.

Someone asked why he is fascinated by assholes and shit? Because it’s real, he answered. The higher we reach toward the stars, the less willing we are to be in touch with what’s real and whatever you say about it, shit is real.

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